Pretenst Tensegrity Module Kit
Pretenst Tensegrity Module Kit

Pretenst Tensegrity Module Kit

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You can build this!  It's fun!

If you want to truly get a feel for "Tensegrity", you need to learn with your hands. Pictures and movies can only hint at it.

This inexpensive kit brings together all the parts that you will need to build a very durable and strong two-twist tensegrity that will last and last. 

It uses a technique of prefabricated tension where you build the tension network while everything is completely slack.

All you do is tie the simplest kind of knots, connecting cords to metal rings.

With the tension network complete, you insert the bars which together push the network outwards, and structure begins to appear.

When all the bars are inserted, you turn the nuts to lengthen each of the bars and make the structure tight.

Tightening with your hands can give the structure a solid shape, but you can also use a wrench to tighten even further and make a very tight tensegrity indeed!


This kit is actually a module, so if you order two or more, you can connect them end-to-end and make a taller tower.

With more kits (4 or 5) you can make an arch or even a ring of tensegrity. The surprising thing is that making a bent structure means first loosening and then bending to tighten right back up again!

Kit Contents:

  • 6 brushed aluminum tubes
  • 12 bolts (M6)
  • 14 rings
  • 24 nuts
  • 12 short cords
  • 6 long cords