Six Twist Essential

If you've never felt a tensegrity structure or seen one from close up, your hands will be very surprised!  They almost seem unreal at first.

The Six Twist Essential is a tensegrity structure that you can have for yourself, or on display for teaching.  It's a special because it has the minimum number of tension cords, so it behaves like a spine!

The cords are made to measure and are so outrageously strong (dyneema, from high-performance sailing) that they are almost inelastic.

You can make it tight or loose by adjusting the length of the bars.


You can mostly adjust the bar lengths by hand, and then do the final high-tension using the wrench, which is included.

But tightening is not the only thing you might want to do with the Six Twist Essential.

By loosening the structure you can allow it to bend.

Because this is an essential tensegrity, with no more tension lines than absolutely necessary, it simply tightens up again in the shape of a beautiful arch when you bring the ends together.

Use your imagination.


Some assembly required.

Get yours now.